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Wild Timber Designs has been producing innovative custom designs since 1997. Working with native Texas woods, we handcraft each piece individually to bring out its unique character.

Our products are made form solid hardwood, which is kiln dried and milled to our exacting standards. Each and every countertop is individually crafted to the customers design and finished to a fine luster that is inviting to the touch. Our counter tops are designed to enhance the ambiancer of any room in the house, and become a focal point for friends and family.

Expert Craftsmen with Exotic Hardwoods

We take pride in specializing with native Texas woods including Mesquite, Pecan, and Oak. Texas mesquite is a dark colored wood with a hint of red, which is also twice as hard as oak making it extremely durable. Pecan is also a very hard wood and is an excellent countertop with beautiful characteristics from a creamy white to rich reds to nutty browns. The character of the wood along with old-fashioned craftsmanship makes our countertops one of a kind and uniquely Texan.

Using Custom Hardwoods

If a traditional maple countertop is what is desired, we use clear hard Rock Maple, which comes from the forests of the far north. This classic hardwood has been used in homes and commercial kitchens for centuries. Maple is light in color that will darken slightly with age and additional oiling. Maple, like Mesquite and Pecan take little upkeep and are excellent for food preparation surfaces.

Our Specialties Include:

  • Countertops and
  • Kitchen Countertops with Undermount Sink
  • Center Islands
  • Hardwood Desks
  • Kitchen Tables
  • Doors