Elegant Wood Solutions for Your Home

Wild Timber Designs combine wood and art to style elegance into every product we hand craft. Our wooden countertops, butcher blocks, cutting boards and dining tables are unique and lovingly hand crafted.

  • We are a artisan company of skilled craftsmen working with all types of woods and take pride in each product we make.
  • We offer an extensive line of hand crafted, custom wood products or you may opt for a custom design that is totally crafted around your desires and specific needs.

Visit our Showroom Store for other custom offerings including tables, butcher blocks, lazy susans, cutting boards, fireplace mantles and framed art. All are crafted of beautiful woods like native Pecan, Texas Mesquite, Walnut, and Brazilian Cherry and carefully finished to display the beauty and grain of the wood.


Wooden Tables

Our hand-rubbed finishes in various native woods, create warm, inviting surfaces.

Butcher Blocks

If you need an exact size and shape and we'll make one to your specifications.

Fireplace Mantels

Our mantels are made from solid wood, have a hollow back and easy to hang.

Handcrafted Cabinetry

Our mantels are made from solid wood, have a hollow back and easy to hang.

Wooden Counter Tops

We use only the high quality selected woods for custom countertops and islands.

Butcher Block

Taxidermy Bases

Looking for a more unique wooden base for your trophy? Contact us for solution.

Cutting Boards

Our 'one of a kind' inlay & mixed wood cutting boards are stunning.

Custom Creations

Want that 'wow factor'? We craft anything from carved doors to sink pedestals.

Lazy Susans

Extraordinary wood grained centerpieces that can be used for show or for serving.

Framed Art

Each frame of our framed art pieces are different and create that unique look.