Wood Finishes

Wood Surface Finish Options

There are several types of finishes we can use on our products, depending on how the product will be used. Here are a couple of choices:

  • Catalyzed Lacquer – Clear, hard finish used on tables/furniture
  • Food Grade Mineral Oil – Clear, used on cutting boards/butcher blocks

Catalyzed Lacquer (Varnish)

Catalyzed Lacquer is a very hard, durable finish we use on tables, chairs, coffee tables and other furniture. It is the same type of finish commonly used on most of the furniture you have in your house. It is easy to keep clean, does not easily spot or stain, and is available in several sheens.

Food Grade Mineral Oil

Mineral oil has been used for generations. It is still considered the best product to use on cutting boards and butcher blocks. Food-grade mineral oil is non-toxic, food safe, and can be applied at any time.

It is inexpensive and available through most kitchen stores and/or directly from us. Mineral oil can and should be applied whenever your cutting board or chopping block looks dry.