Wood Care

Caring for Your Wood Countertops

The beauty of custom butcher block countertops is the versatility they offer as a useable surface. Many of our customers find the countertops too beautiful to use as a cutting surface and still use a cutting board, but the choice is yours.

Caring for the wood countertops is very simple and with minimal maintenance will provide many years of beauty and service. Any wood cleaning product can be used to clean countertops.

Mineral Oil Finish

A mineral oil finish is very easy to take care of. Mineral oil is a non-toxic edible product that can be found in cooking stores, drug stores and many grocery stores.

If your wood countertop is starting to look a little dry, just wipe on a couple of ounces of mineral oil with a paper towel or your hand, let it sit for a few minutes or over night, then wipe dry.

Depending on how you use your countertop, this should be done once a week to once a month.